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Tree Risk Management

Tree Inspections 



Tree owners have a legal duty of care to ensure their trees remain in safe condition as far as it is reasonably possible and do not pose an unacceptable risk. This can be achieved by having in a place a system that identifies and manages the risks arising from trees that is both reasonable and proportionate. 

We are professionally qualified to undertake tree inspections and are experienced in carrying out inspections on a range of sites in Northern Ireland, Ireland and mainland UK. We manage trees populations on behalf of clients that range from  private home owners to large private estates, housing associations, and council street trees, parks and public open spaces.


Our tree risk assessments are carried out in accordance with the National Tree Safety Group (NTSG) 'Common Sense Risk Management of Trees' and International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) 'Tree Risk Assessment Best Management Practices'. Using a common sense approach,  we balance risk considering a variety of important factors including amenity value, biodiversity and public use and occupancy of the site.

We can provide a tree risk assessment of every tree on land under your ownership, or a bespoke policy , which allows you to prioritise resources to the areas of highest occupancy and most frequent use.

To discuss which option might best meet your needs please email, phone or submit a contact form.

We provide tree inspections all over Northern Ireland, Ireland and mainland UK.


Lime Tree Walk at the Argory in Dungannon. 


Phytopthora kernoviae on Fagus Sylvatica.

Meripilus .jpg

Meriplius giganteus on Quercus robur.


Platanus x hispanica on Drumcondra Road in Dublin City Centre. 

Tree Inspections & Risk Mangement

A tree inspection entails a visual ground based survey on the health and condition of trees on your land, with recommendations for mitigation works provided where required. 

We use GPS to accurately record the location of each tree, with information presented in easy to understand schedules, reports and location plans.

Tree Risk Management Policies

For landowners or those with responsibility for managing larger estates,  containing higher numbers of trees, a tree risk management policy is an effective means of ensuring you target valuable resources to the areas of highest occupancy and  most frequent use.


A tree risk management policy also enables you to demonstrate how you fulfil your legal obligations in relation to tree safety, and provides you with a plan on how you manage trees looking to the future.

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