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Root Investigations

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

Root Investigations & Soil Amelioration

It can be useful to understand the exact location of tree roots on a development site, especially where works are proposed within Root Protection Areas (RPAs) or in proximity to high value trees.

We carry out root investigations using an 'Air Spade', which is a hand held lance connected to a compressor that blasts a jet of high pressure air. The Air Spade is used to remove soil and assess the location of roots without causing any serious damage to the physiological health or structural condition of the tree. 

Establishing the location of roots can enable an assessment of whether proposed works will be likely to impact trees, what design solutions may be required, or whether alternative options should be explored. In other cases, roots may not be present within RPAs at all, enabling works to be undertaken without negatively impacting the tree.

The Air Spade can also be used to excavate trenches for utility service routes, or in soil amelioration operations where soils have been heavily compacted to improve porosity and enable better filtration of oxygen and water to tree roots. 



Determining the extent of roots onto a development site.


Assessing root growth beneath a boundary stone wall.

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